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Otter conservation in Chile: Strategies and challenges

In Chile, otter conservation faces multiple challenges and requires diverse strategies. The main actions include protecting their natural habitats, strengthening environmental laws, and implementing public education and awareness programs. Otters are threatened by habitat loss, pollution and illegal hunting. However, scientific research initiatives and collaboration between different organizations seek to ensure the long-term survival of this species in the country.

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Discover the National Parks in the Araucania Region

The Araucanía Region in Chile is home to a diversity of national parks that offer breathtaking scenery and outdoor activities. In this article, we present some of the most outstanding parks, such as the Conguillío National Park, known for its araucaria forests and the Llaima volcano, and the Huerquehue National Park, famous for its lagoons and trails. We highlight the biodiversity and opportunities for ecotourism in our region.

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New Leasing Law in Chile: Protection and Efficiency

With the recent implementation of the new Chilean lease law, the aim is to balance the relationship between landlords and tenants. In this article, we explain the main changes introduced by the law, such as the regulation of rent increases, improvements in the protection against unjustified evictions and the simplification of legal processes related to leasing. The objective is to foster a fairer and more efficient leasing market.

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The Importance of Topography in the Chilean Countryside

Topography plays a crucial role in the development and management of the Chilean countryside. In this article, we explore how topographic features influence agriculture, infrastructure construction, and land use planning. As well as modern surveying techniques and their application in agricultural and rural development projects, emphasizing the importance of detailed knowledge of the terrain to maximize productivity and sustainability.

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Temuco tourist attractions

Temuco, the capital of the Araucanía Region, offers a variety of tourist attractions that combine culture, history and nature. In this article, we highlight places such as the Pablo Neruda National Railway Museum, the Municipal Market and Cerro Ñielol. In addition, the influence of the Mapuche culture in the city and the outdoor activities available in the surrounding area, such as hiking and visits to natural parks.

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The most iconic cities of Chilean Patagonia

Chilean Patagonia is known for its spectacular landscapes and emblematic cities. In this article, we describe some of the most iconic cities in the region, such as Punta Arenas, known for its history and proximity to the Strait of Magellan, and Puerto Natales, gateway to Torres del Paine National Park. We highlight the tourist attractions, local culture and outdoor activities available in these cities.

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Promissory note of a property transaction

The promise of sale is a fundamental step in real estate transactions in Chile. In this article, we explain what this preliminary agreement consists of, its essential elements and the importance of its formalization to ensure transparency and legal certainty in the purchase and sale process. We also address the legal implications and offer recommendations for both parties involved in the transaction.

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