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11 hectares with river, adjacent to highway, mostly meadow, with electricity, beautiful view and only 15 minutes from Los Muermos.


Field of 150 hectares located on the road to Hornopirén, with 2.4 kms of river, predominantly native forest, electricity, signal, and directly adjacent to the Carretera Austral.


15 hectare camp located between Coyhaique and Puerto Aysén, with an impressive view and one kilometer from the main road. Ideal for tourist activities.


Farm 55 minutes from Puerto Varas, with electricity, signal, adjacent to the Llico River, permanent estuary, water well, ideal land for farming, fruit trees, view of volcanoes and access in good condition.


Small farm of 16.5 hectares in the region of Los Rios, 10 minutes from the city. Modern house, cabin, barn, drinking water by APR and springs, electricity and paved access.


Farm of 19.43 hectares ideal for agriculture and cattle raising, one hour from Puerto Varas. With marshes and river in its perimeter, all services, house, barn, stable and greenhouses.


44.6 hectares of agricultural and cattle raising land with panoramic view. With house, barn, stable and orchard. Electricity, springs, marshes and good signal. 7kms from the asphalt.


29.6 hectares of land, 6 minutes from the beach, spectacular view of Puerto Godoy, close to Estaquilla. With house, cellar, electricity, water from springs and signal.


Field of 20 hectares only 10 minutes from the city. Paved access, mostly meadows with mountain views, large slope, shed and electricity.


Property for tourism in Tierra del Fuego of 21.31 ha. 187mts of seashore, 1km of river, quincho house, four cabins, fully equipped, turnkey.


Field of 40.6 hectares one hour from Puerto Varas with a great view of the mountain range. It has a river, spring water and estuary. The house has electricity and good signal.


Field of 25.5 hectares in the vicinity of Los Muermos. Slope, estuary, mostly forest, good access, electric pole a few meters away, panoramic view.


Mostly flat field of 30 hectares on the outskirts of the city of Fresia. Access by easement from paved road, 460 mts of river, estuaries, electrical feasibility and signal.


Estancia with rolling plains between Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales, just steps from Route 9. House, workers’ house, shearing sheds, shearing shed and deep well.


585 hectares of land near Villarrica. Patronal house of 1000m², sheds, horse stables, half moon, asphalted access, mostly meadows and all services.


65.7 ha field in Rio Norte, Coyhaique. 600mts of river bank, part of a beautiful lagoon, access by easement, power line at 750mts.


Field of 17.5 hectares near Riachuelo, Osorno. 5 hectares of flat meadow and river, plus 12.5 hectares of native forest. Power line and good access.


Farm of 391 hectares, 17 minutes from Puerto Aysén. Tourism and housing potential.


Island of 15 hectares at 300mts from the continent. Real estate project or conservation.


Agricultural and cattle raising farm of 245 ha near Los Muermos, asphalted access, marshes, springs, electricity.


Farm of 49.2 ha subdivided into 59 lots, electricity, well water, 15 min from Villarrica.


Farm in Villa O’Higgins, house, shed, underground electricity, well, springs.


Field of 96ha with view to the Maullín river. Prairie, native, estuaries, springs. Electrical feasibility.


Farm of 218.75ha with 2km of river bank at 90km from Coyhaique. Electricity and water feasibility.


Small farm of 9.06 ha west of Puerto Varas, water, electricity, good signal.


244ha farm with 705m of river bank 1 hour south of Coyhaique.


2,240 hectare ranch 25 minutes from Puerto Natales. Ideal for tourism and conservation.


Field of 199 hectares in height. Livestock, agriculture and conservation. Electricity, storehouse, estero.


Isla Huape, 20.76 ha, natural sanctuary, access from Valdivia, flat terrain, mostly meadow.


Field of 42ha at 33km from Los Muermos. Electricity, water, springs, estuaries, river.


27.4 ha farm near Lake Ranco, paved access, electricity, stream, springs, river.


Field of 17 hectares subdivided into 25 lots, electric power, springs, signal


Field of 33.06 hectares and 1.1 km from the shore of the Bueno River, near Trumao, La Unión. Good access, electricity, water rights, mostly meadow and wetland.


40 ha farm in San Juan de la Costa, with electricity, river and rural road.