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El Morro Ranch – White Lagoon, Magallanes


Welcome to the Ranch of your Dreams!

This beautiful Magellanic ranch has a total area of 4788.28 hectares, is accessed directly from a paved road and has all the facilities.

The property is supplied with electric power by an oil engine and subsidized gas, water is supplied by a deep well that provides 2 liters per second and it is perimetrically enclosed and has fences for animal management.

The property includes several buildings, among them, a beautiful 226 sq. m. (226 sq. m.) main house, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, pantry and office. You will also find a comfortable 120m² house for workers, 68m² built horse stables, a 500m² shearing shed and a 67m² wine cellar.

The property has a unique topography, characterized by an undulating plain with meadows in the lowlands, some low hills and an estuary that runs through the ranch.

In addition, its flora and fauna are impressive, with Ñire, lenga and coigue trees mostly, and a wide variety of animals such as armadillos, hares, chilla foxes, culpeo foxes, Patagonian chingue, pumas and a great variety of birds.

The climate is cold and dry, which means that precipitation is scarce and air humidity is low.

The property is located in the Laguna Blanca commune and is accessed by a paved road that connects Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales. It is also close to the Estancia San Lucas, the Rubens restaurant, the Caja Compensación de Los Andes hotel and the Kusanovic Family Museum.

The Punta Arenas airport is only 2 hours away, and the ranch is accessible by public transportation and has a telecommunications signal. The ranch is accessible by public transportation and has a telecommunications signal.

Its price is $4,000,000,000.

Don’t miss this opportunity to live in a natural paradise and enjoy all that Patagonia has to offer! Schedule a visit today!

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