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Farm 33,06ha Río Bueno – Trumao, Los Ríos Region


A field in one of the most beautiful places in southern Chile!

Beautiful field of 33.06ha and 1.1 km of river bank. The land is located at the level of Lake Ranco (high capital gain) although located from La Union towards the sea, within a sector called Trumao which is exceptionally beautiful and known for its history, wetlands, green hills and width of the Bueno River that allows navigation to the east and west to the mouth.

From the farm, to the northwest, there is access to the coastal alerce national park and Valdivia, all in anticipation of a future development that has not yet been captured.

It is located 40 minutes from La Union.

The road is asphalted from La Unión until 8 kms before the camp. The gravel road is currently being asphalted and at the end of the works will have only 2kms of gravel to the field.

Cañal Bajo Airport is 1 hour and 14 minutes away. 75 Km. The Pichoy Airport is located 139 Km, 2, 19 hrs. Approximately. There are two tolls on the route.

Rural transportation with schedules. Can be reached by cab from La Unión or Cruce Los Tambores.

Drinking water through the sector’s APR. (Rural Drinking Water Program). It has water rights from the river for 30 liters per second.

There is a basic electrical connection and power supply to the caretaker’s house.

Rural type fence (stakes and barbed wire).

You can subdivide because it is an agricultural property, the minimum subdivision is 5,000, Mts.

Are there springs or other watercourses? Yes, the Icué River, which flows into the Bueno River, this river also generates a wetland within the field, which makes it rich in flora and fauna.

The field has some flat and hilly areas up to the river.

Are there interior roads, of what type? Yes, up to the river bank, it is gravel.

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